We know how important it is to feel good on the inside and outside. Our health and beauty clinic is dedicated to help women feel as good as they want and look their best.

  • Ready to permanently remove those pesky chin hairs?
  • How about some help dropping those pesky pounds or slimming those “problem areas?
  • Want to add and an extra twinkle to your eyes?

Washington Women’s Anti Aging Clinic, formerly Trevino Skincare – comes to you with 30 years of experience as the largest electrolysis and laser hair removal clinic in downtown Seattle. We offer the best in anti-aging treatments for Men and Women.  Dr. Will Washington teamed up with Olivia Trevino to combine talents and experience and offer a comprehensive range of services so women and men can attain and maintain optimum anti aging- feel good from the inside out – results! We create customized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs from hormone balancing on the inside to helping you achieve smooth hairless skin, rejuvenated skin, and we even offer body contouring that actually works!

Some of our exciting new services include:

Laser Treatments
– Our ClearLift will tighten and lift the skin by stimulating collagen production. Painless, Fast, and Effective
– Laser Hair Removal – we offer both IPL laser hair removal as well as the diode laser with radiofrequency
– Photofacial for Rosacea, Sun Damage, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, and surface lines
– Laser Tattoo Removal

Body Sculpting

– Velashape 3 offers the best in cellulite reduction. It lifts and tightens. Comfortable treatment that works on arms, chin, thighs, hips and abdomen

– Ultrasound Cavitation reduces inches in a single treatment

PROTECT™ – Hormone balancing topical creams, replenish from the inside out!
– Oxytocin to improve your mood & sexual pleasure
– visit our sister clinic: ProtectHormoneProgram.com

An Expanded Range of Skin and Body Aesthetics

– Botox & Fillers
– Chemical Peels and Anti-Aging Facials
– Effective reduction of Scars and Stretchmarks

Medical Weight Loss – Under Dr. supervision
HCG and Phentermine

Ideal Protein

Permanent Hair Removal
– Electrolysis
– Laser hair removal

Eyelash extensions and Brow Shaping

Our spacious downtown Seattle clinic is located in the Medical Dental building. We have appointments available seven days a week to suit your busy schedule.  Give us a call at(206) 682-2727  or check our online schedule to book a session that is right for you.

Bio Indentical Hormones

Electrolysis  at Trevino Skincare was one of THE BEST “Beauty Investments” I ever made! Shaving irritated my skin, and waxing didn’t give me the results I wanted. Electrolysis provided me with permanent hair removal and my desired aesthetic- Now I am always ready for my bikini- any time of year,  with no embarrassing stray hairs!  I worked with Olivia Trevino and several other practitioners- each one of them made me feel comfortable and was thorough and effective in their approach to hair removal. It took some time, patience and investment- but it was absolutely worth every penny!  I highly recommend electrolysis at Washington Women’s Anti-Aging / Trevino Skin Care.


Discreet, professional,  friendly and EFFECTIVE– I’ve been an electrolysis client in Madrid, Boston, Santa Barbara and finally Seattle.  Olivia Trevino and her team are just about as good as they get.

I started off with upper lip then moved on to eyebrow sculpting, widow’s peak removal and now under arms.  Yes, electrolysis is painful, no one will lie to you about that, but it is totally worth it and a permanent investment in you.  No more wax, no more creams, no more going everywhere with tweezers and a mirror.  It’s like the hair was never there to begin with.  As soon as you start  the process you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner, and you’ll watch your pain tolerance go up along the way.

Good for you for doing the research and reading up on your options– now just go for it already and make an appointment to get your questions answered and to to try it out– you won’t regret it!


Best place for electrolysis in town! Clean, organized and equipped with good stuff. I have seen Heather/electrologist for months now and have seen wonderful results! She has also taken care to educate and keep me in the loop along the way. Rest of staff is friendly too.


Washington Women’s Anti-Aging / Trevino Skin Care is awesome, they really know what they are doing! Gina ROCKS! – I’ve worked with a few other electrologists and she is the best ever.”

Meghann MSeattle

I thought about doing electrolysis for years before finally getting up the courage to just do it.  I ended up going to Trevino based on the Yelp reviews posted and I am so glad I went!  The results are amazing and I am so pleased with the electrolysis treatments that I’ve received from Carey!

Jen GSeattle